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Female Sex Drive Issues


Sex DriveThere are lots of aspects that can lead to different female sex drive issues. Some are very minimal that can be handled easily while other factors are too complicated to be dealt with alone and some may already need to seek advice or ask for professional help.

However, all these issues should be given enough attention to avoid bigger problems and difficulties in the future.

Women too need help when it comes to their sexual appetite. It is not just men who are affected and plagued by different sexual problems but also women. This is in fact one of the reasons why there are existing female enhancement products in the market right now. Most products are intended to help women experience sexual pleasures like never before.

Female sex drive issues is common, the only thing that differentiates it from male sexual dysfunctions is the fact that only few are familiar with women’s sexual problems. Yes, not all are aware about the different sex drive issues of women because mostly are ashamed to admit it and some prefer to keep silent about the issue. The truth is female sex drive issues do exist.

Common Female Sex Drive Issues

To show you that these issues do exists, here are some of the common sex drive issues most women are suffering from. Some of you may or may have not heard about it. These issues have affected the lives of some women and some have even affected the confidence of most women especially when it comes to their relationship.

Sex Drive Issues1. Poor Sexual Desire or Low Libido

Low libido is on top of the list of factors that greatly affects the intention of women to engage in any sexual activities. Libido or sex drive is very important to perform well during sexual activity.

It is the desire to satisfy one’s self as well as the sex partner during sexual contacts. There are different factors that influence low libido in female.

Aspects That Influence Low Libido

* Hormonal dysfunction- The body secretes variety of sex hormones that aids in the level of sexual desire. The production of these hormones like female testosterone, estrogen and progesterone varies depending on the physical make up of every female. However it is important that the body secretes enough level to balance the sexual activities of the body.

Too much or less of these important hormones can greatly affect the sex drives of every female. Less production of these sex hormones leads to poor sexual intimacy while too much discharge of these substances can create hyper sexual drive which is no longer healthy and can lead to sex addiction.

* Physical condition- This factor also affects female’s sexual intention or sexual urges. It may involve literal physical structure of the body like being too fat or having obese condition which can hinder sexual execution. This is why women who are obese and are not comfortable with their physical appearance have low sex drive.

Physically Fit WomenPhysical factors may also involve other medical condition like having certain ailments or diseases that can create anxiety of performing any sexual activity.

Some obese women would rather hide their full figures than have sex with someone they are interested with. Physical attributes of a woman can be a big part of how active or less active are they when it comes to sex.

Physically fit women are more active and more comfortable with their bodies. As a result, women who feel sexy are the ones who have impeccable sex drives. Female sex drive issues are more likely possible to obese women as compared to those who are physically fit.

* Psychological capacity- This is another aspect of female sex drive issues. It is important that females should have psychological readiness of having sexual desire. Sometimes all the urges and impulses are already there and present but the mind inhibits or protests the sexual desire by diverting the attention to other activities which leads to forget the feeling and eventually lost the libido urges.

Psychological capacity of a woman is important too. Without a woman’s mental submission to the idea of having sex and enjoying it, the sexual drive is also not noted or absent. This is why a woman must focus and condition her mind towards sex in order to develop stronger urge and sexual desire. Indeed, our mind is quite powerful that is can play a big factor in influencing a woman’s sexual appetite.

Sexual Activities2. Difficulty in Having Orgasm ‘ Orgasm is an extreme sensation during the climax of sexual activities which is caused by involuntary muscle contraction. Orgasm may be achieve during sexual penetration, exciting one’s genital through masturbation or with the aid of other sexual objects.

Difficulty in having orgasm may be triggered by old age, hormonal imbalance and even lack of sexual imagination and fantasy that can prompt sexual urges.

If a woman experiences the difficulty to achieve orgasm, the sexual activity is kind of useless for it is during this stage in a sexual intercourse that the peak of excitement is felt.

If a woman is unable to experience this, she may surely be suffering from female sex drive issues.

3. Organ Discomfort ‘This is one of the biggest issues that is faced by most female. This factor is often influence by the readiness of the physical structure to perform during sexual intercourse. Too early or too old of having sexual activities particularly during sexual penetration may produce organ trauma involving intolerable pain.

It is essential to be prepared in all aspects before engaging in any sexual activity particularly physical readiness to avoid undesirable experience and inhibit any female sex drive issues.

Seek Help And The Expert’s Opinion

Expert’s OpinionIf you’re suffering from any of these sex drive issues, it is better to seek help and opinion of the experts.

By doing so, you are not only saving yourself from sexual disorders but you are also doing yourself a favour by allowing yourself to experience something pleasurable and unexplainable. Sexual satisfaction is something that all women should enjoy.

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