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Female Sex Drive During Pregnancy


Female Sex Drive During PregnancyAre you pregnant? Do you feel sexually weird and wonderful most of the time? Don’t be confused! It is completely normal and you are not alone.

With those changing and increasing female hormones, longing for sex even without any prompting from your partner is absolutely reasonable. Female sex drive during pregnancy is responsible for your weird sexual feelings.

However, not all women experiences increased on sexual desire during pregnancy. According to research, some women even rarely want to have sex or that they do not want to have sex at all. Female sex drive during pregnancy can be fiddly but whether your sexual libido fluctuates or is fired up, either way, there is nothing wrong with you.

Is It Safe For A Pregnant Woman To Have Sex?

With uncomplicated, healthy and low risk pregnancy, normally sex isn’t a threat to your baby’s life. Some women said sex makes them feel very sexy even with the bulging growing baby inside their tummy.

Consulting A DoctorThere are amazing things happening in your body during pregnancy that even science can’t comprehend. Basically during pregnancy, the body develops amniotic sac and the muscles of your uterus are stronger to protect the fetus. So yes, making love won’t threaten your baby’s health.

If you think or your senses are telling you that it might be bad to have sexual intercourse during your pregnancy, it is better to visit a doctor before doing so. There are high risks pregnancies that sometimes sexual intercourse is firmly not allowed until the doctor says otherwise. Of course, Ob/Gyn (obstetrics and gynecology) specialists are the best advisers to consult, especially when you are carrying a life inside your womb.

When To Stop

Fortunately, you can have all the sex that you want. First, second or third trimester as long as there is a doctor’s approval, you can make love with your partner until to the time of your labor. Your body will tell you anyway and your OB will inform you whether it is still safe or not. Never undermine what your doctor is telling you; there are women who still have sex even if they’re advices to have a full bed rest.

Sex Life Between CouplesSome women on the other hand are scared to make love with their partner even though they already have the approval of their doctors. So the right knowledge is important so as not to hinder you from performing your obligations despite being pregnant. Pregnancy is not really a hindrance to a satisfying sex life between couples.

Female sex drive during pregnancy could fluctuate because hormonal changes are also happening. So women must know when to stop sex and when is it safe to perform. Just make sure to do it the right way so as not to cause infection or bleeding.

Safe Sexual Positions

Female sex drive during pregnancy is crazy. Some pregnant women are too hungry for sex while some find it not so appealing. Some sex drives last only until the second trimester while some right to the end of her third trimester. And obviously, it is not going to be the same.

When your tummy gets bigger, some sex positions will not be very comfortable. In fact, strenuous sexual positions must really be avoided as it may cause miscarriage or could really be threatening to a woman’s part. For those pregnant women who are very interested in sex but too concern of the health of their baby, here is a list of positions that you might want to follow.

Spooning Sex Position Spooning sex position – If you haven’t heard about this position, this is otherwise considered as the “Cuddling” technique.

This is one of the safest positions to perform when you are pregnant, your partner is positioned right at your back side.

Basically, the man lies on the other side or at the back side of the woman with knees slightly bent to enable penetration. This is considered as cuddling technique for the man’s position is similar to cuddling a woman.

This position can also be very intimate for it enables the man to caress the woman’s breast, abdomen and thighs. In fact, his partner’s ears, neck and back can also be touched and caressed for further intimacy. The spoon position therefore is one of the highly recommended positions during pregnancy.

‘ Sitting sex position – Because female sex drive during pregnancy is ranging, it is just right to educate yourself with the different safe sexual positions you can try if you’re pregnant. Another recommended position would be the sitting position. In this position the penetrating partner or the man must be sitting on a secure surface with his legs amply stretched.

The receiving partner or the pregnant woman will be the one to sit on top of her partner and wrap her legs to her partner. As you can imagine, such position is quite safe and not strenuous to both parties.

Rear Entry Sex Position‘ Rear entry sex position – Rear entry sex position is popularly known as the doggy style position. Unknown to some, such position can also be safe to pregnant women. Both parties may need to bend over. This can be done safely without hitting on the pregnant woman’s tummy. Such position also paves way to perform either vaginal penetration or anal.

This is also a very sexy position that can satisfy female sex drive during pregnancy. No wonder a lot of couples prefer performing such position. The woman will just have to bend over and crouch and same goes for the man and penetrate his partner from behind.

‘ Edge of the bed sex position – Pregnant women who want to have sex safely can also try the edge of the bed sex position. In this position both parties have the opportunity to experience a powerful thrust for the woman’s legs can hang freely on the edge of the bed giving her partner enough power and leverage to perform a good thrust. This is also considered as a commendable sexual position for pregnant women for it is a perfect way to massage the clitoris.

‘ The cow girl sex position – This position enables pregnant women to enjoy sex and be safe at the same time. A pregnant woman will have to sit and straddle her partner while the man simply lies on his back or even sit.

According to a research, those are the most comfortable positions during pregnancy. It is always up to you and your partner. You can discuss and try new things. As long as your body is conveniently comfortable and the baby is safe, there are no limits.

Female sex drive during pregnancy is not just about sexual intercourse. It means satisfaction in her sexual desire. Blame the female raging hormones if you feel horny most of the time during your pregnancy.

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