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Female Sex Drive and Hormones


Female sex driveFemale sex drive and hormones are factors that every woman needs to have an in-depth understanding.

You may wonder why these 2 factors are important; the reason behind it is the fact that hormones determine the intensity of a woman’s sex drive.

Women as we all know undergo a lot of hormonal changes. During the monthly menstrual cycle, women experiences high and low estrogen levels and during menopausal, a woman’s body stop producing estrogen hormones.

If there are changes in a woman’s hormone production, there’s also a direct effect on a woman’s sex drive. As you can see, hormones and sex drive have significant relationship with one another.

What Is A Hormone?

sex driveHormones are considered to be our body’s messenger. These are chemical substances that bring messages to different parts of the body.

These substances are produced by different glands in the human body as well as tissues and functions in different ways.

Hormones are distributed through the bloodstream and are quite important in the process of metabolism, sexual reproduction, digestion of food and even growth, changes in mood and of course sex drive.

This is why female sex drive and hormones are important to one another. Human body is consists of different important hormones and as a human being ages and develop, hormones perform important roles especially during adolescent stage when hormones work as much as it can.

There are two popular hormones that are consistently associated in human sexuality. For men, there’s testosterone or the male sex hormone and for women there’s estrogen which is the female sex hormone.

What Are The Different Hormones In The Body?

Men and women Men and women have more than one hormone in the body and let’s check out the different hormones present in a woman’s body. By exploring these hormones we will understand better that female sex drive and hormones do work hand in hand.

As an infant, both boy and girls have the so called estrogen hormones which are responsible for breast development. Newborn babies have this type of hormone working hard which is said to be passed on by the mother to the baby.

Another hormone present at infancy stage is the prolactin which also has an effect when it comes breast development. During this time, we can safely say that a female’s sex drive and hormone have not yet established any connection. According to studies, prolactin hormone then disappears after few weeks and will reappear for the 1st 2 years in a baby’s life.

It is during puberty that hormones are vigorously changing and the production of gonadotrophin and follicle stimulating hormone starts. Female hormones are then produced specifically the estrogen and the progesterone from the ovaries.

These hormones are quite high as puberty sets in thereby the presence of menstrual cycle is noted. As the cycle ends, these female sex hormones also decrease in amount. This is where female sex drive and hormones start to work hand in hand.

Is Sex Drive Affected By Hormones?

Sex DriveIf you based it on the estrogen level and its capacity to boost a woman’s sex drive, you can therefore conclude that sex drive is definitely affected by hormones.

Estrogen is said to be produced highly during menstrual cycle and it is at this stage when women may sometimes feel a little sexually inclined.

According to experts, when estrogen production increases, a woman’s libido also intensifies. Sex drive may be influenced by other factors such as the external stimuli however it is undeniable that estrogen mostly dictates how sexually inclined a woman should be.

Sex Using Female Enhancements

Because sex drive is largely affected by a woman’s estrogen hormone, it is therefore natural that when a woman reaches her age of menopausal she is prone to experience decreased sex drive due to depleted production of estrogen. If a woman is in her menopausal age, it doesn’t mean she will no longer be sexually active. Female sex drive and hormones may have undeniable connection but when it comes to female enhancements, it doesn’t really matter if a woman has little to no sex drive.

ProvestraFemale enhancement products are made available especially for women with low to no sex drive at all. So if you are one of these women, then fret not for there are a lot of products you can make use of to increase your libido and produce enough vaginal lubricant to perform satisfying sexual activity.

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It does not just boost your libido but also makes you feel alive and active equipped with the needed stamina when making love. Female sex drive and hormones may work hand in hand but with the right knowledge and help from your doctor, you can still increase your libido despite your low estrogen production.

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As you can see, female sex drive and hormones may be important but because of technology, enhancing a woman’s sex drive can now be easily done without having to worry of a woman’s depleting estrogen level.

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