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Female Sex Drive Age Peak


Sex DriveSome women can’t help it but get curious if when and what is the female sex drive age peak of all women?

If we based it on the level of female testosterone and estrogen hormone production, you can simply say that the peak age would probably be during the teenage years or in their 20’s.

However, some experts believe that a female’s sex drive is really hard to predict and measure.

Studies have shown that there are teens and young women in their 20’s that are experiencing low sex drive. This could be due to the existence of medical conditions or lifestyle. Therefore, female sex drive age and its peak are quite tricky to determine. As we all know, female sex drive is not influenced by hormones alone but also by other external factors.

Measurement Of Female Sex Drive

Although there are lots of tests and studies regarding sex drives yet the intensity or level is yet to be determined accurately in every female. Neither, the exact age of when female sex drive age peak and obtain specific amount of sexual urges. Also, there is no definite time of the day that linked to the precise measurement of increase or greater level of libido.

Measurement Of Female Sex DriveSeries of tests are made to measure the amount of testosterone and other female sex hormone present in the body. Often blood tests or serum are used to check the amount of female sex hormone in the system.

Average amount is used as reference for certain age brackets however testosterone and other female sex hormones are just one of the components that can influence the level of sex urgency among women.

Factors That Influences Female Sex Drive

Sex drive is a product or manifestation of different factors such as social, psychological and biological. All of these aspects should be interconnected to achieve best output. Sex drive or libido has lots of significance in completing the total role of every human being. It has also big contribution when it comes to establishing stable romantic relationship.

Sex drive differs in amount for both male and female. Some studies may note that men on their teenage years have higher sex drive while women peak their sexual intention in their mid thirties. This may be true in some cases but not true to all female.

Since sex drive is governed or affected by lots of aspects the level or time it will peak still strongly depends on these factors and the ability of every female to response on it.

Physically Fit Body1. Biological Aspect ‘ This greatly affects the intensity of female sex drive. Certain diseases and physical dysfunction plays major role in inhibiting or increasing female desire for sex. It also depends on the amount of essential sex hormones produced in the body to support sex related activities particularly the motivation towards sex.

A physically fit body is also suitable to perform healthy and productive sexual activities. It is important that the body is nurtured with nutritious diet and equipped with essential nutrients to refrain from sudden ailments. Regular exercise also boost blood circulation all over the body particularly in major sex organs.

A healthy physical built is the first step to easily enhance sexual intentions. Still, it is difficult to predict the exact time of when the female sex drive age will peak.

2. Social Aspect – This aspect might not be given enough attention most of the time. However, it plays vital role for particular female sex drive age and its peak. A woman that has healthy social life is closely to have shapely sex motivation. Although this aspect is not noticed most of the time it has wide range of influences that can greatly suppressed or increase the peak of female sex drive.

Different Social Aspects

There are different social components that affect a female’s sex drive. Some may not give enough attention to these aspects however these are important too in boosting and enhancing female sex drive. Here are some of the common social aspects women need to check.

* Culture ‘ This component has a big impact in female sex drive. A woman’s culture could partially dictate how she views sexual activity. There are other cultures that are quite aggressive in terms of sex while there are others that are very conservative.
Relationship* Religious affiliation ‘ This too can influence female sex drive, a woman’s belief of when is the right time to have sex that is not against her religion can impact her libido. This is why it is really hard to tell when the right time for the female sex drive age to peak is.
* Belief ‘ This is the same as a woman’s religious affiliation. Her belief of the do’s and don’ts is important in order to avoid sin against her God.
* Family ‘ Family can influence a woman’s sex drive depending on how she was raised.
* Stress ‘ Stress component as we all know has major impact as it can even cause hormonal imbalance if not managed accordingly.
* Relationship ‘ Of course, a new love can be very aggressive physically, emotionally and above all sexually. It is even proven that a new love can bring a female’s sex drive at its peak!

3. Psychological- Female sex drive age peak is closely linked to mind activities. The preparedness of the mind to handle biological and social situation and difficulties helps a lot in maintaining the highest peak of sex drives.

The brain also has big part in regulating primary female sex hormone as well as the capacity to react instantly to many social aspects. These three factors are indeed interconnected in nurturing the female sex drive age and its peak.

What Do You Think Is The Right Age For Female Sex Drive To Peak?

Overall, we can’t really tell when is the right time and age for a female sex drive to peak. We just have to base it on her sexual activities and how she often performs it. We all know that a woman’s libido come and go, increases and decreases at time. Therefore, providing an accurate or exact age may be impossible for no one really know when female sex drive age peaks.

    So, what do you think ?