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Female Sex Drive After Pregnancy

Female sex driveFemale sex drive after pregnancy is one of the most common topics newly mothers are usually talking about.

Some newly mothers are experiencing low sex drive while others claimed they lose interest in sex when they started breast feeding.

If you noticed your sex drive has decreased after giving birth, experts believed this feeling is just normal.

In fact, there are a lot of factors that can cause the feeling of low sex drive. Mostly, mothers who have just given birth are prone to fatigue and can easily feel tired which could be the reason why their sex drive is low.

Giving birth is a stressful moment which could possibly have an effect on your sex drive. Although a new child in the family is a blessing and great, there are other women who are really affected by their noticeable low sex drive.

Low Female Sex Drive After Pregnancy

Studies have shown that a woman who have just given birth and are experiencing low sex drive is just normal. This feeling could even last for months. In some cases, 20% of women who gave birth have low sex appetite for about 3 months while there are women who really suffer from total loss of sex appetite.

Low female sex drive after pregnancy can really be devastating for some women however for others it’s just a phase that they have to accept and get over with. There are a lot of contributing factors as to why newly mothers are experiencing low sex drive and let’s find out.

Factors Influencing Low Sex Drive

woman’s sex driveFatigue – Women who have given birth undergo a lot of phases and some of which are stress and fatigue. A woman’s sex drive will have to compete with these phases hence the result is not desirable.

Motherly Responsibilities – New mothers are obliged to breastfeed their child and take care of the child as often as possible.

Because newborns are quite demanding and needs a lot of attention and care, a mother will definitely have low sex drive during this phase in life. No wonder female sex drive after pregnancy is really waning.

Healing Body – Giving birth is not a joke. It is a process that is very painful for most mothers and sometimes, a woman’s body may need how many days to rejuvenate and recover from the process of giving birth.

During the delivery of a baby, a woman’s body undergo a lot of major changes and that includes hormonal changes that could be quite major and drastic that causes low sex drive.

Presence of Vaginal Incision – Giving birth to a child especially if the newborn is quite big could mean there’s a presence of vaginal incision. Because of this incision, making love and performing sexual activities could be limited due to pain.

The Fear of Getting Pregnant Again – Almost all mothers who have underwent normal delivery will agree that giving birth is very painful and for some, kind of traumatic! The fear of getting pregnant again could be one of the major reasons why female sex drive after pregnancy is low.

Will Breastfeeding Affects Libido?

breast feedingBreast feeding your baby is a healthy and good decision to make. As they say, breast feeding increases the bond of the mother and the child. It is also a healthy way to feed your baby as compared to bottle feeding your child.

Unfortunately, breast feeding your child could be very demanding as newborns are also demanding breast milk round the clock.

Because of this round the clock demands of babies, mother’s energy could possibly be drained which could cause a low female sex drive after pregnancy and during the stage of breast feeding.

Exhaustion will take its toll on the mother’s health and will eventually lead to low sex drive. This is when the husband must be very supportive and should also take part in taking care of the newborn child. Breast feeding is not a simple task, this is why is could really de draining and exhausting at times.

Child Birth Affects Hormones

Another reason why a woman suffers from low female sex drive after pregnancy is because of hormonal changes. The changes in the hormones are not just minor but rather major. During pregnancy, experts claimed that the progesterone levels in the body are quite high that are present in the placenta. Once a woman expels her placenta during the delivery process, her progesterone level suddenly drops!

A major hormone drop in the level of these hormones after child birth causes the so called baby blues and as well as the low libido. In other cases, there’s the presence of estrogen dominance wherein the level of estrogen hormone in the body remains high while the progesterone level plummeted! Due to this estrogen dominance, women after birth could experience a lot of discomfort that could cause low female sex drive after pregnancy.

Your Sex Drive Will Still Return!

low female sex drive after pregnancyMothers who have given birth for the first time normally fear that their sex drive might not return to the way it is. The good news is, sex drive will eventually increase as the body recuperates. The feeling of low female sex drive after pregnancy is in fact normal so there’s actually nothing to fear.

If you need more guidance, you can ask your doctor so she can guide you along the way and assures you that your sex drive will return to its normal state after how many days, weeks or months depending on your coping mechanism too.

Bear in mind that pregnancy is heavy and serious state that a woman goes through and giving birth is also a major process to go through.

Therefore, low female sex drive after pregnancy can be expected but with proper knowledge on how your sex hormones work before, during and after your pregnancy is highly recommended.

By understanding how your body works and how it reacts to certain stages in life such as pregnancy and giving birth, you will know what to expect to avoid any unnecessary fear.

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