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Female High Testosterone Symptoms


negative effectToo much or too little of everything really does have a negative effect on one’s health. Homeostasis or otherwise known as the balance equilibrium of humans may it be psychological, spiritual, physical and health aspects is very important.

With this in mind, a person must be in control of everything in his or her surrounding or externally as well as internally.  Women are said to be more emotional as compared to men hence they tend to break down most of the time.

However, women must put in mind that they should know how to balance everything in them and that includes not just the physical aspect but also their hormones.

Women are prone to a lot of hormonal changes especially during their monthly menstrual cycle and menopausal stage. Female High Testosterone Symptoms can possibly occur if a woman fails to detect that her testosterone is greater than the normal range.

What Is Testosterone?

When we say testosterone, what comes to our mind is that it is a male sex hormone. However, unknown to some, testosterone is not just present in men but as well as to women but in fewer level. Experts define testosterone as a male steroid hormone that is responsible in providing men of their sexual or manly characteristics. Such hormone is produced in a man’s testes and ovaries for women.

manSeeing a high testosterone level in men is just normal and if the same high level is found in women, they may suffer the so called female high testosterone symptoms. Too much testosterone in a woman’s body may cause unhealthy condition.

Female High Testosterone Symptoms And Its Effects

Women must naturally have lower testosterone level, if increased it could cause different effects and symptoms which could sometimes be health threatening. Here are some possible unhealthy conditions women may suffer from high testosterone level.

  • Menstrual cycle becomes irregular.
  • Difficulty conceiving a child or getting pregnant.
  • Acne formation is quite noticeable.
  • Being obese, this affects about 40 to 50% of women suffering from high testosterone level.
  • Problems related to cholesterol.
  • Being hypertensive or increased blood pressure.
  • Increase sugar level in the blood.
  • Occurrence of beard in women.
  • Velvety armpits or darkened armpits.
  •  Increased mass of your muscles.

Ways To Lower High Testosterone Level

acneThere are a lot of ways on how to avoid or lower your high testosterone level. You must first and foremost be aware of the different female high testosterone symptoms so you know what to note.

So make sure you note whatever unnatural symptoms you are feeling. The basic symptoms would be the occurrence of acne and changes in the tone of your voice and muscle mass.

Being able to identity female high testosterone symptoms help you eliminate such condition as soon as possible. As soon as you have noted these basic symptoms, consult your doctor right away and inform him of the symptoms you have noted. You can then ask guidance from your doctor and consider undergoing different blood tests for confirmation and diagnosis.

Weight Loss – Getting rid of excess fats and managing your weight will surely help you manage high testosterone level. Perform proper exercises to help yourself avoid obesity which can lead to depression. Female high testosterone symptoms may occur but if you have a positive outlook in life.

You will eventually be able to manage and balance your hormones in your own simple ways such as weight loss and exercise. Managing your BMI or Body Mass Index is important for it too have a direct effect of a woman’s testosterone level.

Diet – Of course, diet is one of the oldest tricks in the book that can help women ease the process of high testosterone level. Just like weight loss and exercise, food plays a vital role in hormonal balance.

It is highly recommended to avoid eating candies in order to avoid hormonal fluctuations too. Too male sex hormones testosteronemuch sugar in the body as well as carbohydrates may cause hormonal imbalance. Candies can spike your blood sugar which directly affects your insulin levels.

In case you’re not aware, increase of insulin level in your body can trigger more production of male sex hormones testosterone by simply signalling or stimulating a woman’s ovary.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Female high testosterone symptoms must not be taken for granted. According to experts, suffering from increased testosterone level may indicate serious health condition and one of the most common is the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

If a woman has this, she may have difficulty conceiving a child. High testosterone in the body can lead to menstrual irregularities for most women which make it harder for them to produce a fertile egg. Menstrual cycle may even be missed.

The need for early detection of female high testosterone symptoms is important for it helps prevent further damage to your health. Detection of PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may prevent a woman from suffering ovarian or uterine cancer. Such illness could be devastating therefore make sure you know the different female high testosterone symptoms.

Is Self Medication A Good Option?

DoctorSelf medicating ever since is not a good option to take. It is highly suggested to know more on female high testosterone symptoms but that doesn’t mean you can simply do self medication. If you want to lower your testosterone level.

The first thing you do is spot the symptoms and consult your doctor. Self medicating may even lead to serious negative side effects. You may even worsen your condition therefore you must avoid self medicating. This is one golden rule especially if you’re dealing with hormonal imbalance.

Consult Your Doctor Right Away!

Now that you know the different female high testosterone symptoms, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible once these symptoms are noted. Nothing could be best than observing the right way of treating yourself. Early detection is said to be better than cure. So be able to detect or notice negative changes in your body and make sure to inform your doctor about it right away.

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