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Female Excess Testosterone Symptoms

manTestosterone hormone is greatly associated in men; it is called as the male sex hormone. Unknown to some, testosterone hormone is also produced by women only in small amounts.

It is true that with the help of testosterone hormone, the masculine characters of men are enhanced and fully developed. In women, testosterone hormone has different effects and too much production may cause negative side effects.

Testosterone comes with a lot of benefits for men and when it comes to women, it plays significant roles too such as the enhancement of sex drive.

Still, too much of this hormone in a woman’s body can do more harm than good and before we explore deeper on the female excess testosterone symptoms, let’s define what testosterone hormone is.

What Is Testosterone Hormone?

Testosterone is associated with a lot of manly words such as rugged, aggressive, and tough and so on. This is indeed true for testosterone is the major reason why boys turn into men. It helps in the development of masculinity and in women it helps in different ways too.

Testosterone hormone can boost up a woman’s sex drive however too much of this can manifest different female excess testosterone symptoms that may ruin and transform a woman’s feminine look into manly features.

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

womenYou may have heard about testosterone therapy and this is common to both men and women. Men who are not capable of producing ample amount of testosterone may need to undergo testosterone therapy to replace the number of testosterones not produced.

This is also done to enhance the chances of men to procreate and have a family of his own someday. Testosterone therapy can be done in different ways such as the use of creams which by the way is already approved in Western Australia by health authorities.

The use of injections is not highly recommended for women due to lack of further research and studies. There’s also the testosterone patch which is only commendable for men rather than women.

You may be wondering why most testosterone therapies are not applicable to some women; this is because there’s no established normal level of testosterone for women yet. Female excess testosterone symptoms might start to manifest if testosterone therapy in women is not regulated accordingly.

Reasons For Using Testosterone Replacement Products

DoctorFor women, the possible reasons why testosterone replacement is needed or used is due to low sex drive. Female testosterone enhances women’s sex drive. This method is also used by women who have their ovaries removed.

This hormone replacement however must be done with doctor’s prescription to avoid female excess testosterone symptoms. Women who easily feel fatigue and those who need to boost their overall well being are sometimes commendable for testosterone replacement.

Bear in mind though that the use of testosterone replacement products could lead to serious side effects if used more than prescribed or long term. Ideally, testosterone replacement for women must only be used in short term basis.

What Are The Female Excess Testosterone Symptoms?

Female excess testosterone symptoms can possibly occur if usage is not controlled. Excess amount in women may lead to negative side effects. To show you that the use of testosterone must be carefully regulated and must be according to your doctor, here are some symptoms you may want to note to avoid these negative symptoms.

  • High Blood Pressure – Too much testosterone in a woman’s body may increase bad cholesterol level. If the bad cholesterol level is increased, it only means that a woman is also prone to an increased blood pressure. An enhanced pressure in the blood more than normal is not good for it can lead to so many negative health conditions.
  • Manly Voice – A woman who has feminine voice may start to notice a change in the pitch of her voice. Typically, female excess testosterone symptom such as low toned voice or deep voice that resembles a man’s voice is common. Therefore, make sure to avoid too much testosterone in the body.
  • Hair Loss or Balding – Women may also suffer hair loss from scalp due to enhanced level of testosterone in the blood. Be responsible and ensure a normal level is observed to avoid such symptom.
  • chin heirsChest and Chin Hairs – Female excess testosterone symptoms of chest and chin hairs are not pleasant to look in women. High testosterone level could result to these manly features.

There are a lot of female excess testosterone symptoms to note if you are undergoing testosterone replacement. Some may even have negative effects not just on a woman’s physical appearance but as well as a woman’s health condition.

This is why testosterone intake like tablets and pills must be monitored and women must follow their doctor’s prescription. High amount of testosterone in men may be beneficial but in women it can be quite devastating so always be aware of your testosterone level.

Ensure A Balanced Testosterone Hormone

There may be no established normal level of testosterone for women but taking note of the different female excess testosterone symptoms is important to minimize damage as early as possible. Testosterone intake can indeed enhance a woman’s sex drive but desired amount must be taken.This means you need your doctors’ approval and prescription for this hormone is accompanied by not just positive effects on a woman’s libido but as well as negative effects.

TestosteroneA woman undergoing testosterone therapy may feel better at first but long term use may provide undesirable effects. In some cases, it also affect a woman’s behaviour.

Some claimed too much testosterone may lead to an aggressive behaviour as a woman may easily gets angry without further reasons. Emotional stability therefore is also affected.

Have your blood sample taken frequently to check on your testosterone level if in case you are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Frequent blood sample testing and checking of testosterone level may help your doctor establish the desired baseline level of testosterone intake. So be vigilant and stay healthy, know your testosterone level!

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