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Women’s Sex Drive Over 40

Some experts claimed that women’s sex drive over 40 is no longer as intense as it was during the younger years. However, there are women who can be considered as living proofs who have aged more than 40 yet are very open about their sexual life. Most Hollywood celebrities who are over 40 are even […]


Knowing Natural Remedies To Increase Female Libido

Losing the desire for sexual intimacy is a common problem for many women. There are at least 43% of women who are left unsatisfied with their sexual encounter every single time and surely a very frustrating situation for women and also their significant other. For those who are currently experiencing this problem, there is no […]


Female Sex Drive Problems

Sexual aspect is one of the essential factors that greatly influence the total make up of every human life particularly to females. Every female has her own desire to achieve this aspect to the fullest for personal satisfaction as well as creating pleasure towards the sex partner. However, it is sometimes inevitable that there are […]


Female Enhancement Herbs

Herbs are widely used as supplement to treat different sexual disorders in both men and women. Other high quality products intended to boost male and female sex drive are filled with ingredients that are all taken from potent herbs. This is why the use of female enhancement herbs way back the ancient times and up […]


Female Testosterone Normal Levels

Female testosterone hormones are normally produced by women through their ovaries. The number of testosterone produced in women is lesser as compared to men; these hormones are known to have masculine effects in men and in women with too much production. Testosterone could have a lot of positive effects and negative effects in women, this […]


Increase Young Women’s Sex Drive

As the world evolves, more and more young women are now coming out of the dark informing the public that young women too are prone to low sex drive. Whether a woman is still single, in a relationship, married or even has kids, some of these women suffer from low sex drive. Experiencing a low […]