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Impress Him and Share a Laugh With Some Fun Facts About Sex

Sex never fails to fascinate many. It is exciting. It can be adventurous. It can be passionate. At times, it can also be quite intimate. Let’s not forget that sex can also be a lot of fun. Speaking of fun, there are probably a number of fun facts about sex you may have never heard […]


Female Libido Enhancer – The Secret to Improving Your Sex Life

According to various studies in America, Britain and Europe, 30 to 50 percent of women suffer from little to no sexual desire or sex drive. Also, 67 percent of women reported faking orgasm for variety of reasons. These figures show that women’s sex drive issues are rising. If you are one of the many women […]


Just for Women: 16 Fast Mood Lifters to Fix Your Persistent Funk

There was a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off your man. You loved tearing off each other’s clothes and doing the most outrageous things in – and out – of the bed. That was a decade ago. Aside from the years added to your resume of experience, sex became distant and foreign to […]


Daily Pain: 17 Ways to Enjoy Sex When You Suffer From Fibromyalgia

Fact: Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. It is a time when you just focus on your body, and enjoy the pleasure you give and receive. Unfortunately, effortless, painless sex is not for everyone. In fact, there are women who experience pain and discomfort due to a condition called fibromyalgia, which prevents them […]


Young Female Sex Drive Loss: 5 Things You Can Do About It

The younger years are supposed to be the most fun part of your life. For most people, sex is a big part of it. It is only normal to think and have sex because it is a common response to your youthfully-high sex drive. However, some people can’t react easily to sexual stimulation. Young female […]


Female Sex Drive Vs. Male: How do Men and Women Compare?

There is a long time debate among members of our society whether men want sex more than women do. We all know that a good sex life is an important aspect in every relationship. Do men really have the stronger interest to sex as we typically have thought for hundreds of years now? It can […]