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Top 4 Effective Ways to Kill Female Sex Drive

Low sex drive affects many women around the world. For most people, enjoying an intense and pleasurable sex means our mind and bodies are working well and in harmony. However, low female sex drive is not a disease in itself, but rather a normal occurrence that happens at a certain point in a woman’s life. […]


When Does a Woman’s Sex Drive Kick In?

A sparkling and fiery sex life is something that every couple hopes to have until happily ever after. When their sex life does not satisfy a couple, they easily point fingers towards money, work, family and all kinds of other factors that they can think of. Nowadays, leading physicians and sex researchers have discovered the […]


The Reason behind the Increase ofc in their 40’s

Many believe that women’s sex drive decrease as they age. It could be true, because at this age, most women suffer from stress, depression, body aging and lack of attraction to their partners. This is also the cause of most divorces. In contrary to this, research shows that as women reach this age, they are […]


Women’s Sex Drive Goes Down

Are you looking for ways on how to boost your sex life? If so, there are a lot of ways to choose from! Nowadays, everything is possible, there are remedies to boost energy level, to sharpen or enhance memory, to lose weight fast and easy and of course to increase sexual appetite. Food with aphrodisiac […]


When Do Women’s Sex Drive Peak

Many of use believed that a man’s sexual prime is at the age of 18 while women reach her sexual prime at the age of 35. Female sexuality is quite complex and sexual prime can’t exactly be measured. If you check over the Internet, you will come to realize that sexual prime actually depends and […]


How to Increase Female Sex Desire

It is a fact that women too are suffering from sexual disorders and not just men. Women are prone to different sexual disorders such as the vaginismus, orgasmic disorder, sexual pain disorder, arousal disorder and the most common is the low sexual desire disorder. How to increase female sex desire can be achieved successfully as […]