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What You Need to Know about Women’s Sex Drive at 30

Several people think that young women in their twenties are more aggressive and sexually active than older women. However, there are numerous observations made on how the sex drive of women changes as they age. These studies are now a basis to understand women’s thoughts about sex. It is also important for people to know […]


What are the Pandora Female Enhancement Side Effects?

Women suffer similar problems as men experience. In fact, most of the products men use also has the same contents as what women use. This is why majority of the time, men and women have the same problems and solutions. However, these solutions come in different approaches, especially when it comes to sexual enhancements. There […]


When Female Testosterone Levels Are High: Signs and Symptoms

Women also need a minimal amount of testosterone in their bodies. The hormone plays an important role in women’s sexual health. However, too much of it can cause adverse effects for women. It is for this very reason that women should learn how to identify when female testosterone levels are high: signs and symptoms. But […]


Woman’s Sex Drive after Giving Birth

Have you just given birth? Have you noticed any changes in your sex drive? It could be a bit frustrating for some newly mothers to experience a decrease in sex drive after giving birth. There are even cases when husbands too are affected by their partner’s declining libido after giving birth. A woman’s sex drive […]


Woman’s Sex Drive After 40: A Complicated Problem

Experts and scientists say that when a woman reaches the age of 40, she goes into midlife. As such a transition begins, she gets to experience a lot of changes that may at times result in a so-called midlife crisis. Sex at midlife becomes complicated because hormonal changes, fatigue and stress conspire to drain sexual […]


When Female Sex Drive is High: Top Tips for Women

A woman’s libido is a mystery to men. They never understand the cycles that affect the female sex drive. All they know is there are times when their lover have high libido and there are days when it is not. Because of this, a majority of the male populace are left wondering. Perhaps this is […]