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Women’s Sex Drive Research Reveals 10 Reasons for Reduced Libido

It has been estimated that there are around 40 million American women are suffering from a diminished libido. According to women’s sex drive research studies, there are various reasons why women lose their drive in sex. Surprisingly, the ten most common reasons are mostly manageable. Women can practice the remedies easily, too. There are two types […]


Women’s Sex Drive Vitamins

It is normal for humans to age and as we age, there are things that don’t stay the same way as we were when we were younger, one of which is our sex drive. In aging men, some suffers from ED or Erectile Dysfunction and for women; some suffers from decrease in libido and different […]


What Happens To The Women’s Sex Drives When Pregnant?

There are many changes when a woman is conceiving a child. Pregnancy is both physical and emotional changes take place. For instance, breasts become bigger; bellies becomes rounder, and the sudden mood shifts and sometime intense cravings can occur. In addition, most women notice that during pregnancy, their sex drive fluctuates. Hence, what happens to […]


Women’s Sex Drive Menstrual Cycle

Women’s sex drive is vastly affected during their menstrual cycle. According to some women, it is during their monthly period that they feel the urge to have sex. It is the time of the month when most women feel sexually inclined and unfortunately, it is at this time of the month when women are having […]


Women’s Sex Drive Medication: 5 Libido Helpers

Most women experience a drop in their sex drive at one time or another in their lives. This is normal, and nothing to feel ashamed of nowadays. When you visit a medical clinic to try to find out why your libido, or sex drive has dropped, your doctor may conduct an interview to dig out […]


Female Enhancement Tea: A Delicious Way to Restore Your Libido

Women are usually the ones who experience low sex drive. This is the result of many hormonal changes in their bodies, which happens during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. There are only a few sex drive enhancers for women, and you should only opt for products made from organic ingredients. Those herbs can rev up your […]