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What Happens When There is Changes in Female Testosterone Values?

Testosterone is a hormone that is commonly associated with men. However, females also produces such hormone. The ovaries are responsible for its production. The normal level of testosterone in women greatly differs from that of men. Even so, the increase and decrease of its levels may cause health problems in women. Female testosterone values constantly […]


Top 6 Ingredients in the Best Pills to Increase Female Sex Desire

Some females ranging from 40 to 55 years old often start losing their sex drive. Many factors affect why they tend to lose their desire for sex. Most women have lots of questions on this problem. What are those factors? Is there any drug or pills to increase female sex drive? How does a good […]


Female Testosterone Treatment and a Woman’s Sex Drive

Women’s perceptions of sex may vary from men, but both regard sex as vital part of life. If there were any changes in women’s levels of desire, it would greatly affect their overall state. There are many reasons why women lose their desire for sex. Knowing these reasons is essential to address the issue. One […]


Female Testosterone Replacement Dose: What is Effective?

The lack of desire for sex is the most common problem reported by women as they age. Low sex drive has always more than one cause. It is important to determine whether it is lifelong or recently acquired. In any woman, low drive links to relationship issues and hormone changes in the body. There is […]


Female Testosterone Medication for a More Active Sex Life

Testosterone is a hormone associated with men; however, this hormone also plays a major role for sexual function in females. There can be a lower response to sex due to a lack of estrogen and testosterone. Lower levels of hormones in the body may result in a number of medical concerns. Female testosterone medications are […]


The Relationship Between Women’s Sex Drive and the Pill

Men are not the only ones suffering from impotency. It turns out that a lot of women these days are also experiencing sexual issues, like a lower sex drive. In this regard, there are several noticeable changes occur in the physical and emotional aspects of womanhood. A lot of things affect the woman’s sex drive, […]