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Female Sex Drive and Hormones

Female sex drive and hormones are factors that every woman needs to have an in-depth understanding. You may wonder why these 2 factors are important; the reason behind it is the fact that hormones determine the intensity of a woman’s sex drive. Women as we all know undergo a lot of hormonal changes. During the […]


Female Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Do you feel sexually weird and wonderful most of the time? Don’t be confused! It is completely normal and you are not alone. With those changing and increasing female hormones, longing for sex even without any prompting from your partner is absolutely reasonable. Female sex drive during pregnancy is responsible for your […]


Female Testosterone Receptors

Neurons in the brain is said to be the primary female testosterone receptors because it relays a message directly from the hormone to produce an output. Testosterone is the female’s vital sex hormone especially when it comes to sexual aspects. It is in charge in lots of motivation and intentions of females towards sex. It […]


Female Testosterone Gland

Men and women are capable of producing the same hormones in the body, the only difference between men and women is the amount of each hormone produced and its side effects if too much or too low production of specific hormone is noted. Testosterone according to other people does not exist in women. What most […]


‘my Libido Is Gone’: Female Sex Problem With Multifactor Causes And Solutions

Sexual intimacy is a very important aspect in an adult’s life especially if they are currently in a relationship. That is why females with no libido are very concern when they realize that they are affected by this condition. This is because they felt that this could affect their relationship. ‘My libido is gone’ female […]