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Female Sex Drive Over Age

Female sex drive over age is said to diminish however there are different studies that show women who are aging possesses higher sex drive as compared to younger ones. How is this possible if female sex drive over age of more than 40 starts to diminish if we based on estrogen levels? The truth is […]


Women’s Sex Drive Problems

Women’s sex drive problems are common especially to aging women reaching the stage of menopause. The Sexual Advice Association have done their research and found that about 50% of women are affected by the different sexual disorders. There are different sexual disorders a woman can suffer from however there’s one thing in common in these […]


Female Testosterone Acne

Are you currently suffering from Acne? Are you wondering where does your acne come from when all members of the family have great skin? Clear skin are said to possibly run in the family, however if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance especially your female testosterone, chances are you will experience the so called […]


Testosterone Gel Female Libido

Today, females are so fortunate to have ample options with regards to their concern on libido levels and intensities. Some choices do not need direct oral medicine intake such as patches, creams and testosterone gel for female libido or it may be several sessions of psychological therapies, physical exercises even meditations and de stress are […]


Women’s Sex Drive After 60

Do you believe that women’s sex drive after turning 60 can still be active? Society today views sex and passion by old age women as cringe making. However experts claimed that sex after the age of 60 can really help women enhance their quality of life. For some who don’t know, sex after 60 is […]


Female Sex Drive Supplement

As a woman, it is natural to experience loss of interest in sex especially if you are aging. Sex drive is not the same as you were back in your college years. As women ages there are a lot of factors that could affect women’s sex drive. This is why there are a lot of […]