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16 Top Quality Massage Oil Products – You’ll Be Crazy About Beauty


Admit it, there is nothing like having a good massage. It’s soothing. It’s reinvigorating. It’s exactly what you need at the end of tough day or week. What you might not know; however, is that the secret to having a good massage lies in having the best massage oil possible for your treatment.

Whether you go for Swedish, Shiatsu or even erotic massage, you need a good massage oil to put you in the mood and get you feeling relaxed. Not to mention, having a massage with oil is also like enjoying a good aromatherapy session during your treatment.

The right scent can calm you or reinvigorate you for what’s ahead. This is why your scent choice may differ, depending on what you plan to do for the rest of the day or evening. Indeed, shopping for your ideal massage oil can sometimes be tricky, but the information to follow should make the choices far easier for you, so read on.

Sensual Shopping: 16 of the Best Massage Oil Products Available in Stores in Today

 massage oilNowadays, there are a number of massage oils that are readily available in your favorite supermarkets, department stores and beauty stores. In case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, here are some of the best massage oil brands that you can consider for yourself:

  1. Lulu Sensual Massage Oil – What users like about this particular massage oil is that it not greasy and smells slightly sweet. You can safely apply it on any skin type and it is guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals.
  2. Nooky Massage Oil – Unlike other massage oils, this one by Nooky has a relatively thicker formula. Even so, it feels great on the skin and helps keep it moisturized. What’s more, it’s also perfect for any skin type.
  3. Sensual Massage Oil with Pure Lavender – This massage oil is soothing and 100-percent hypoallergenic. It easily absorbs into your skin, and is highly recommended for both male and female massage treatments.
  4. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Massage Oil in Lavender Vanilla – This massage oil by Bath & Body Works contains both vitamin E and sunflower oil to help soothe the skin while moisturizing it. Meanwhile, the lavender and vanilla help calm tensed nerves and allow you to get a good night’s rest.
    Massage this oil onto your body right after your shower and right before you go to bed. With this, you are guaranteed to fall asleep easily.
  5. Kama Sutra Natural Massage Oil – If you’re looking for an exciting massage oil to use for sexual play and sensual massage, this massage oil by Kama Sutra is perfect for you. It’s a got a sweet pineapple scent that help turn the heat up further in the bedroom.
    For added sexual delight, you can also try taking a sexual enhancement daily supplement like Provestra. This supplement is made up of various natural ingredients such as ginseng, theobromine and red raspberries that help balance a woman’s hormones while enhancing sexual appetite.
  6. massageLuz De La Riva Lulu 24K – When you feel like being a bit more glamorous during your massage, try this massage oil by Luz De La Riva, which features several 24K golden flakes to make you feel glitzy during your body rub.
  7. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Body Oil – This massage oil by Elizabeth and James guarantees massage nirvana in the bottle with a harmonious scent blend of vanilla, violet and sandalwood. It is sensually exciting for both men and women.
  8. The Body Shop Spa of the World Polynesian Monoi Radiance – This tropical massage oil from The Body Shop is not just great for body rubs anytime, it can also be used as a bath soak and hair fortifying treatment.
  9. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Massage Oil in Jasmine Vanilla – This body massage oil Bath & Body Works features a blend of jasmine and vanilla that can help improve your sexual confidence.
    What’s more, this sensual massage oil is made with sunflower oil and vitamin E to keep the skin smooth, silky and supple.
  10. Weleda Arnic Massage Oil – This massage oil by Weleda is not just soothing, it is also known to be effective in treating any aching muscles in your body, especially after having a real intense workout.
    It has been formulated with olive oil, sunflower seeds, vitamin E and essential fatty acids to keep the skin hydrated and soft.
  11. Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil – This massage oil by Clarins has been formulated with mint extracts, geranium and rosemary to help improve your skin’s elasticity instantly upon use. What’s better than a massage oil that tones your body during your treatment?
  12. Aromatherapy Massage OilNaturOli Warm and Sensual Massage Oil – This massage oil by NaturOli prides itself in being 100-percent vegan. It is easily absorbed into the skin and it is safe to use for massage treatment by anyone with any skin type. Not to mention, it is also one of the best essential oils to use for sensual massage purposes.
  13. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Massage Oil in Eucalyptus Spearmint – This minty massage oil blend by Bath & Body Works is guaranteed to help bring immediate stress relief, especially when you feel like you’re absolutely up against the world. Massage it all over your body and feel calm once again.
  14. Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oil – Massage oils by Plantlife are known to be ideal for both massage therapy and sexual play. It is available in several blends, including soothing lavender.
  15. Molivera Organics Sweet Almond Oil – This massage oil by Molivera Organics is highly recommended for use in either light or deep massage treatments. It is also great for everyday application to keep your skin soft and smooth.
  16. Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil – What’s great about this massage oil is that you can use regularly and not feel greasy. it also does not stain your skin or clothing, so you can easily enjoy a massage in the middle of the day, even if you still need to go to a meeting or back to the office.

Going Purely Organic: Some of the Best Sensual Massage Oils You Can Use

  1. Jojoba OilJojoba Oil – This particular massage oil comes highly recommended, especially for those who are dealing with some acne breakouts and other skin issues. Jojoba oil tends to resemble human sebum, or the body’s own natural oil. Because of this, it is not as greasy like many other oils.
    You might also be thrilled to know that jojoba oil is a non-comedogenic kind of oil. This means it will not clog your pores easily, keeping unwanted skin blemishes away, such as blackheads, whiteheads and other spots.
    You might also be surprised to know that some of the best massage lotion products also use jojoba oil to help keep the skin moisturized.
  1. Sweet Almond Oil – Without a doubt, sweet almond oil happens to be one of the most popular massage oils in spas and beauty centers nowadays. It has a lightly sweet smell that is pleasant and invigorating.
    Because it also gets absorbed into the skin relatively quickly, it is ideal for massages. It also does not feel excessively greasy on your skin, as almond oil is quite light and thin.
  1. Apricot Oil – This is perhaps the best massage oil that you can use internally. Because it is relatively thin compared to other massage oils, it is said to be ideal for sensual genital massage, sexual play and vaginal intercourse.
    Apricot kernel oil is said to have a color and texture that is nearly similar to sweet almond oil; however, it tends to cost a bit more. It has an incredibly light texture, which also makes it ideal to be used on your face. It is an ideal oil to use if you are dealing with mature, dry, inflamed or sensitive skin.
    Apricot kernel oil also happens to be rich in nutrients that are good for your skin, such as vitamin E, vitamin A and several essential fatty acids. This oil is a good alternative for almond oil, in case you happen to suffer from nut allergies.
  1. olive oilOlive Oil – This is also known as the best baby massage oil. Compared to other massage oils, olive is one of the safest to use on children, as it is readily edible. The best part is that olive oil is also highly effective in keeping your skin smooth and soft.
    Olive oil also happens to be good at relieving inflammation in your muscles, especially after you’ve had a vigorous work out. To treat any muscle spasms, muscle pain, sprains or inflamed joints, just rub a bit olive oil on the affected areas. At the same time, you can also massage your body with olive oil in order to help reduce unwanted cellulite buildup.
    You may not know it, but using olive oil as your massage oil can also help you treat your painful skin due to sunburn. To begin treating it, just mix together equal parts of both olive oil and clean water in a bottle. Shake this together to mix the two and apply all over your sunburned skin.
  1. Coconut Oil – This fragrant tropical oil is known to be a perfect massage oil, because it is significantly light and therefore, it can be easily absorbed by your skin. During the cold weather, you can also warm it up slightly to enjoy a nice, soothing massage.
    Coconut oil happens to a be a good massage oil, especially for those who are suffering from back acne. This is because coconut oil is so light, it doesn’t tend to block your skin’s pores. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about suffering from any further breakouts or skin blemishes when you’re using coconut oil for your massage oil.
  1. Grapeseed Oil – This kind of oil is both thin and light, making it ideal to use as a massage oil, especially when you hate feeling greasy after having a massage treatment. It feels silky and it leaves your skin nourished with linoleic acid.
    Linoleic acid is also known as vitamin F. It is effective in fighting off any skin inflammation while promoting healing. It also makes your skin softer and helps you get rid of acne, too.
  1. Sunflower OilSunflower Oil – Unlike other commonly used massage oils, sunflower oil tends to be relatively thicker. Nonetheless, it is a gentle oil you can apply directly onto the skin during a massage treatment.
    Sunflower oil is not just relaxing to use, it also helps you treat a number of annoying skin problems, such as eczema, acne, scarring, irritation and redness. Not to mention, it is good at hydrating the skin. It is also rich in beta-carotene, which means it can help your skin become much less sensitive to the sun.
    This allows you to enjoy tanning a little bit more, but you should still be careful. Only go out under the sun in the early morning or late afternoon hours, and avoid tanning midday when the sun’s rays are the strongest and most damaging to your skin.
  1. Wheat Germ Oil – Wheat germ oil is perhaps the most nutritious organic oil you can ever massage your entire body. This particular is highly fortified with various kinds of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are good for your skin. This makes it almost essential to add to your daily beauty routine.
    In case you’re not aware, wheat germ oil happens to be a rich source of various vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, D, E and F. It is also a rich source of various minerals, essential fatty acids, lecithin and protein. Wheat germ oil is also rich in antioxidants, which means that the more you use it, the more youthful your face and skin could become.
  1. Mustard Oil – Mustard oil is an ideal oil to use for your massage treatments, especially if you have highly sensitive skin that tends to develop body sores from a massage regimen easily.
    It is an effective remedy for treating pimples, too, and it even helps remove any dark spots on your face and the rest of your body. Because it also has anti-bacterial properties, this particular oil can also help relieve any itchiness you may be feeling throughout your body. No to mention, mustard oil can also keep your face younger looking for many years to come.

  1. Kukui Nut Oil – The Kukui nut tree happens to be the national tree of the tropical state of Hawaii. The oil that comes the amazing kukui nut oil is also called candlenut oil, which is known to be effective in keeping the skin soft, supple and healthy.
    Kukui nut oil is rich in several vitamins and essential fatty acids. At the same time, it is a rich source of antioxidants, which helps keep the skin looking ageless. When massaged all over the body, this particular can help sooth your dry skin, and even heal your wounds. For best results, massage your body with kukui nut oil regularly.
  1. avocado oil Avocado Oil – Avocado oil is a highly recommended massage oil, especially for both your face and for soothing hot oil treatments. It is a rich source of proteins and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals to help keep both your skin and body vibrant and healthy.
    When it comes to your skin, nothing compares in avocado oil’s ability to aid in producing more collagen, so that the skin can become more elastic and soft. This also means that you will look visibly younger. It helps soften wrinkles and prevents new lines, so you don’t have to worry about your fine lines and wrinkles growing more pronounced.
    At the same time, avocado oil also makes for an excellent skin moisturizer. Since the skin can easily absorb it, you can also be sure that using avocado oil during your massage treatment will not leave your skin feeling greasy.

Enjoy the Best Sensual Massage at Home: Recipes to Make a Good Massage Oil for Your Every Need

You can use massage therapy for various reasons. Because of this, your therapist or masseuse may recommend a different massage oil for you, depending on the goal of your current massage treatment.

Luckily for you, you can also blend your own massage oils at home according to your requirements. Here are some easy massage oil recipe ideas you can easily mix together on your own in a jiffy:

A Warm Spice Massage Oil to Uplift You

Ayurveda medicineThis particular kind of massage oil helps uplift your spirits while helping you achieve some mental clarity. This contains cardamom, which is known in Ayurveda medicine as effective in easing the nerves. Meanwhile, this oil also features sweet orange to help uplift your mood.

To make this, simply combine three to four drops of cardamom with 14 to 16 drops of sweet orange, there to four drops of coriander seeds and five to six drops of sweet orange. Combine all this together before adding coconut oil, jojoba oil or almond oil.

A Massage Oil That Can Make You Feel More Emotionally Healthy

This massage oil uses a combination of clary sage, jasmine and bergamot to relieve tension from within and also improve your moods. To make them, simply combine two to three drops each of clary sage, jasmine, ylang ylang and grapefruit with four to five drops of vanilla and 12 to 15 drops of bergamot. Add in a few drops of olive, grapeseed or jojoba oil.

A Soothing Massage Oil That Helps You Sleep Better

This massage oil has a combination of lavender and mandarin to make sure you feel more relaxed and able to sleep. To make the oil, combine one or two drops of Mandarin oil with two to three to four drops of sandalwood, six to seven drops of valerian and 12 to 14 drops of lavender. Add in some grape seed oil and mix well.

A Massage Oil That Helps Relieve and Treat Your Aching Joints

gingerThis massage oil uses a blend of cajeput, turmeric and ginger to help relieve your aching joints and muscles. To make it, just combine two to three drops of clary sage with 12 to 15 drops of cajeput oil, seven to eight drop of turmeric and three to four drops of ginger. Add in some olive, jojoba or grape seed oil then mix well together.

Good Massage Oil Characteristics to Check: How to Know You’ve Got the Right One

If you are planning to start making your own massage oil, here are some guidelines on how to find out if you’re making the best massage oil possible:

  • Density – A good massage oil is relatively not too dense, and tends to be pure and filtered.
  • Viscosity – The viscosity of your oil must be low. This means it must be able to flow easily and not feel sticky on the skin.
  • Absorption Properties – A good massage oil should be readily absorbed by the skin so that it will not feel excessively greasy and uncomfortable in any way.
  •  skin soft and hydratedDrying Properties – The ideal massage oil should not leave the skin feeling dry after usage.
  • Scent – You massage oil should not smell unpleasant. It should have an appealing, mild fragrance to it.
  • Moisturizing Properties – The massage oil that you make or use should help keep your skin moisturized. Your aim is to use an oil that will keep your skin soft and hydrated for a much longer period of time.
  • Oil Purity – In generally, massage oils are better off being filtered, so they can feel more pleasant on your skin. On the other hand, using cold-pressed oil for your body massage may just feel too greasy and uncomfortable on the skin.

Massage’s Best Benefits: Why You Should Have One Regularly

We all need to have a regular massage treatment due to a number of reasons, but the most common reasons to enjoy a massage are because it:

  • Provides immediate stress relief.
  • Relaxes and invigorates at the same time.

In addition, massage can help relieve:

  • Headaches
  • A host of digestive problems
  • Various sports injuries
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Strains or injuries in the soft tissue
  • Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ)
  • Insomnia related to stress

feel relaxed and relievedThe oil you use ultimately depends on your goals, whether it is to rejuvenate, wind down or treat stress, pain or other health issues. When you’re looking to have a fabulous massage or treat those sore muscles, it helps to make sure you’ve got a good massage oil, so that you can feel relaxed and relieved.

People with skin allergies or other skin conditions should be extra careful with what they put on their skin, though. If you’re not sure what the best massage oil for you is, feel free to consult with your dermatologist to find out which massage oils would work best on your or your loved one’s skin.

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