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effective libido enhancers for womenWomen are proud of their ability to multitask. But having too much and too many can leave the nerves frayed.  Too much adrenalin in the system may interfere with sleeping patterns and depriving the body with its much needed rest after a day of hard work.

Physically and mentally exhausting the body can also alter the body’s metabolism which can produce bingeing or the complete lack of appetite in food. Either way normal systems are disrupted or the body in the end feels worn out. And so there goes sexy time, flying out of the window.

Bedroom troubles and waning sexual desire are common for women. There is the widespread belief that decreased sex drive is caused by menopause. While it can be a factor, menopause is not the only contributor to the decline of female libido. There are many factors that contribute and some of these may not be something that most women are aware about.

First, let us understand how the female libido works. A woman’s sexual response is a little more complex to that of a man. A lot of women would agree that the height of her sexual satisfaction would have to be a combination of her physical, mental and emotional well-being. And the key factors that influence the highs and lows of all three aspects are her sex hormones.

Women’s sex hormones include but not restricted to, are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These sexy hormones as we can call it are what makes her glow, works in maintaining the balance of other hormones, giving her the energy and vigor.
If these hormones are in a state of imbalance, women would show signs of irritability, anxiety, depression.

She is also prone to vaginal dryness, hot flashes and her body would signal a general sense of just being off. These can often translate to showing lack of sexual desire and when she does respond to sexual stimulation, orgasm is not just as intense anymore or worse, would be hard for her to reach.

Reasons for low libido

reasons for libido decrease for women

According to studies, as much as 43% of women would complain of having lost their sex drive. And as much as 51% would feel pain during sexual intercourse. Naturally, pain compounds the problem.

To add, it is interesting to note that on the same study, there are women who are in their 60s and 70s still have sex and enjoy it. It is the younger women who are in their 30s and 40s that tend to have the biggest drop in their libido. And just when we thought that the decrease in sex drive is age related.

Some of the factors affecting women’s decrease in sex drive are:

  •  Poor stress management
  •  Relationship issues
  •  Low production of sex hormones
  •  Illness or diseases
  •  Side effects of medication

What can women do to increase libido?

Sure, the market is swamped with female enhancing products women can choose from. Creams gels pills while some of these effective, and would have little to no side effects it is best to look for natural alternatives first before considering female enhancement products.

female herbsLifestyle changes should not be undermined. Get more sleep and get out for fresh air more often. The lack of sleep can in fact lower your libido. Your body’s energy is being compromised when you lack quality of sleep. Try to avoid too much alcohol consumption. It would also be a good time to think about weaning yourself from smoking habits. Alcohol and smoking are sure sex killers.

Choosing the most beneficial foods for the nutrition you may be short of is important. Therefore knowing the nutritional value of main food groups is a good way to make sure you are eating the correct foods you need. Certain foods are packed full of goodness that are well known libido boosters. Avocado and nuts are widely regarded as good for libido boosting.

The right food intake means the right vitamins and being fed to your systems but if you happen to be lacking vitamins or cannot fully ingest their beneficial properties it would be worth knowing the deficiencies that could be contributing to lower libido. The B vitamins are particularly useful as libido boosters.

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