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22 Year Old Female Sex Drive


Female Sex DriveSex drives may differ among women. There are lots of contributing factors that lead to the intensity of sex drives for female.

Total make up of the physical body as well as production of essential hormones like sex hormones (female testosterone) may depend on the age of the women.

For instance a 22 year old female sex drive may greatly vary from the sexual passion of older female. Sex drives are also known as libido. Each female may have higher or lower libido depending on how they control themselves or how great external factors can influence the level of their sex drive.

Another is the physical and psychological condition which plays vital roles to the total sex urges like the age, physical composition of the body, ability of the woman to produce sex hormones and the completeness of the essential elements in the testosterone.

Influences Of Testosterone

Testosterone influences many physical activities and growth specifically towards sexual behaviour. It is also in charge in some essential changes in the body like too much production of pubic hair, menstrual period, menopausal stage as well as the capability to control sexual urges. It can also be ideal bases of some ailments and illnesses in our body.

Women Sex DriveToo much testosterone level in women may indicate serious health conditions which should not be undermined by women.

If you are suffering from high levels of testosterone, it could possibly indicate a cancer in the ovary which needs great attention.

Testosterone definitely have great influences in the body, that is why too much of this or too low of this hormone especially for females may indicate something else.

Factors Affecting A 22 year Old Female Sex Drive

Age is one of the important factors that can mainly affect the female sex drive. For example a 22 year old female sex drive may be greater than a 40 year old female or the other way around. Again, the rationale behind depends on the specific factors that are unique in every cases particularly if it involves health conditions.

There are varieties of reasons that boost any female to have a good sex drive. Often, the ultimate aim is to satisfy or impress their partner during sexual activity. Each women desire for the best performance to satisfy not just the partner but to have extreme feeling of fulfilment most especially for younger female that tends to discover more about their sexual interests.

22 year Women Sex DriveFurthermore, a 22 year old female sex drive may also be affected by some influences like psychological capabilities to understand significant changes and drives in the body. Another is the stored knowledge to easily explain the instant urges that is happening to one self.

Health risks can also play a big part to limit sexual drives. Physical and mental readiness is important parameters that can secure a good sex drive. Environment and peer influences are also obvious aspects that can contribute to a 22 year old female sex drive.

Just like male, female are also not excuse for emotional torture particularly towards sexual activities. Female might be reserved about this area of womanhood but in fact it means a lot to them.

It is important for each female especially for younger women to understand all the changes that’s happening to themselves as a whole not just in physical health, psychological or sexual issues.

Missing any single detail is not an option because everything creates a domino effect to every area involved. Also, these may lead to successful handling of new instances that may come along and a 22 year old female sex drive is a brief base for younger female that may serve as guide in having sex.

Young Females Tend To Have Sex More Often

Young WomenThey say that aside from testosterone, the most prominent and important hormone affecting a woman’s sex drive is the estrogen. The estrogen level of a woman is at its peak during her teenage years or adolescent years.

Therefore, it is in this stage that a woman experiences an intense sexual urge or sex drive due to her estrogen level. This is also one of the reasons why young females tend to have sex more often as compared to older women.

Aside from their stamina, young women have oozing sex drives because of their hormonal production specifically their estrogen. As they say, the more estrogen produced, the more intense the female libido is.

So if a 22 year old female sex drive is quite intense, there’s no question about it. The main reason would probably be her estrogen production which is quite high unless she is suffering from sexual disorders. If a woman suffers from sexual disorders, you can then expect her sex drive to decrease. Painful sexual intercourse, vaginal dryness and more are not fun factors to experience when having sex.

Sex Must Be Satisfying

22 Year Old Female Sex DriveSex as we all know must be satisfying and fun. Having sex with your partner in a painful way is not the kind of activity you want to engage in, right?

Therefore an enhanced sex drive is a must to produce enough lubrication and be able to perform sexual intercourse satisfyingly.

A 22 year old female sex drive is definitely oozing and understanding how your body, hormones and sex drive works at such a young age will definitely provide you an enjoyable love making activity with your partner. Therefore, you can also conclude that sex drive and age have direct effect on each other.

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