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Monthly Archives / January 2015

How to Enhance Female Sex Desire Step by Step

Reviving sex drive is probably the most common problem faced by a majority of married women nowadays. This leaves them with the question “How to enhance female sex desire?” Most women rush to the pharmacy to find over-the-counter medications or pills that can help them address their problems. On the other hand, there are those […]


Female Sex Drive: What is Normal?

Many couples ask questions about sex. There are two frequently asked questions about sex: “Female sex drive: what is normal?” and “How often should a couple have sex?” These might sound like basic questions; however, there is no right or wrong answer for them. The answer really depends on each couple. Sex is not something […]


Female Libido Enhancement Creams: Do They Work?

As sexual desire continues to become a dilemma in most women, manufacturers keep on grabbing the chance of doing business. They constantly introduce new products day in day out. One of the female enhancement products that are gradually becoming popular are female libido enhancement creams. There are two types of female enhancement creams, these are: […]


Is Female Sex Drive Linked to Emotions?

Experiencing a drop in the female sex drive is common as we age. There is an increased chance that sex drives will drop drastically when we grow old. Women who are above their 40’s are the ones who are at highest risk, but there are younger women who experience these struggles, as well. There are […]


Female Testosterone Cream Side Effects: Know the Facts

Testosterone is one of the vital hormones females produce. It is responsible for maintaining a woman’s sex drive, as well as musculoskeletal development and strength. Because of the hormone’s importance for female sexuality, a woman must have normal testosterone levels. One of the many methods of replenishing low testosterone levels is through the use of female […]