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Monthly Archives / August 2014

Female High Testosterone Symptoms

Too much or too little of everything really does have a negative effect on one’s health. Homeostasis or otherwise known as the balance equilibrium of humans may it be psychological, spiritual, physical and health aspects is very important. With this in mind, a person must be in control of everything in his or her surrounding […]


Female Excess Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone hormone is greatly associated in men; it is called as the male sex hormone. Unknown to some, testosterone hormone is also produced by women only in small amounts. It is true that with the help of testosterone hormone, the masculine characters of men are enhanced and fully developed. In women, testosterone hormone has different […]


22 Year Old Female Sex Drive

Sex drives may differ among women. There are lots of contributing factors that lead to the intensity of sex drives for female. Total make up of the physical body as well as production of essential hormones like sex hormones (female testosterone) may depend on the age of the women. For instance a 22 year old […]