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Monthly Archives / May 2014

Female Testosterone Gland

Men and women are capable of producing the same hormones in the body, the only difference between men and women is the amount of each hormone produced and its side effects if too much or too low production of specific hormone is noted. Testosterone according to other people does not exist in women. What most […]


Female Enhancement Herbs

Herbs are widely used as supplement to treat different sexual disorders in both men and women. Other high quality products intended to boost male and female sex drive are filled with ingredients that are all taken from potent herbs. This is why the use of female enhancement herbs way back the ancient times and up […]


Female Testosterone Normal Levels

Female testosterone hormones are normally produced by women through their ovaries. The number of testosterone produced in women is lesser as compared to men; these hormones are known to have masculine effects in men and in women with too much production. Testosterone could have a lot of positive effects and negative effects in women, this […]


Women’s Low Sex Drive Remedy

Sex drive or libido is a natural feeling among women. Sexual desire is true to all people but unique in every individual. Intensity or level of libido differs among women depending on the results of various factors that contribute in strength of sexual urges. Although this need is experienced by everyone, others are having difficulty […]


Increase Young Women’s Sex Drive

As the world evolves, more and more young women are now coming out of the dark informing the public that young women too are prone to low sex drive. Whether a woman is still single, in a relationship, married or even has kids, some of these women suffer from low sex drive. Experiencing a low […]