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Monthly Archives / January 2014

Considerations When Choosing The Best Female Libido Products

The number women who are expressing a decline in their sex drive are continuously increasing. This can be attributed to the fact that there are more females who are stressed out and overworked. As it is, these are just two of the factors and there are others that which affect a woman’s libido. However, that […]


Is There A Pill For Female Libido?

The answer, the long and short of it is, Yes, there is a pill for female libido. And perhaps this question would be followed by more questions such as: Why would a female need a libido-enhancing pill? What’s in the libido-enhancing pill that would benefit women? Do female libido pills work?’ Before attempting to answer […]


Why Is My Female Libido Low?

Are you falling into the ‘not tonight, honey’ dialogue for the past few weeks? Do you feel less excited at the thought of tearing your partner’s clothes as soon as he steps into the door? Are you less inclined to join him in the shower for some good ole’ soapy massage? Maybe you feel that […]