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When Female Testosterone Levels Are High: Signs and Symptoms

Women also need a minimal amount of testosterone in their bodies. The hormone plays an important role in women’s sexual health. However, too much of it can cause adverse effects for women. It is for this very reason that women should learn how to identify when female testosterone levels are high: signs and symptoms. But […]

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Woman’s Sex Drive after Giving Birth

Have you just given birth? Have you noticed any changes in your sex drive? It could be a bit frustrating for some newly mothers to experience a decrease in sex drive after giving birth. There are even cases when husbands too are affected by their partner’s declining libido after giving birth. A woman’s sex drive […]

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Woman’s Sex Drive After 40: A Complicated Problem

Experts and scientists say that when a woman reaches the age of 40, she goes into midlife. As such a transition begins, she gets to experience a lot of changes that may at times result in a so-called midlife crisis. Sex at midlife becomes complicated because hormonal changes, fatigue and stress conspire to drain sexual […]


Understanding the Vegan Female Sex Drive

When you say vegan, it is more than just a diet. It is more of a philosophical lifestyle choice. Vegans do not eat foods that came from animals. In addition, they do not use animal-based products, whether it is for clothing, shoes or accessories. Sometimes, people adapt to a vegan lifestyle because of ethical reasons, […]

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When Female Sex Drive is High: Top Tips for Women

A woman’s libido is a mystery to men. They never understand the cycles that affect the female sex drive. All they know is there are times when their lover have high libido and there are days when it is not. Because of this, a majority of the male populace are left wondering. Perhaps this is […]

High Female Sex Drive

Unusually High Female Sex Drive: 4 Natural Libido Fixes

Women love sex as much as men do, but there are times when they experience a low sex drive. Several factors cause women to lose their appetite for sex such as stress, exhaustion and unhealthy lifestyles. The good news is, there are things you can do to rejuvenate your sex life. Once you follow these […]

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Natural Female Enhancement and Libido Lifters

Just like men, women also consider sex as an important aspect in their life. This is the reason why you feel frustrated if your sex drive is low, especially if your partner wants to make love to you. There are several reasons why this happens, but there are also several ways to overcome it. The […]

Female Testosterone

Low Libido: Do Female Testosterone Injections Really Work?

Testosterone is one of the most common culprits as to why women suffer from low sex drive. Therefore, the women often ask this question on low libido: do female testosterone injections really work? Before we dwell on whether they really work or not, let us first familiarize ourselves with the facts about female testosterone injections. […]

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How to Enhance Female Sex Desire Step by Step

Reviving sex drive is probably the most common problem faced by a majority of married women nowadays. This leaves them with the question “How to enhance female sex desire?” Most women rush to the pharmacy to find over-the-counter medications or pills that can help them address their problems. On the other hand, there are those […]