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How to Increase Female Sex Desire

It is a fact that women too are suffering from sexual disorders and not just men. Women are prone to different sexual disorders such as the vaginismus, orgasmic disorder, sexual pain disorder, arousal disorder and the most common is the low sexual desire disorder. How to increase female sex desire can be achieved successfully as […]


Female Testosterone Test Results

A female testosterone test result is an important tool to determine certain conditions which mainly involved testosterone in the body. Different kinds of tests are often done using blood as a medium. These tests are often performed to females to check the level of female testosterone produced in the body most especially when signs of […]


Female Testosterone Cycle

Experts claimed that it is easy to detect a female’s menstrual cycle and so is detecting a female’s testosterone cycle. A woman’s hormone cycle includes three major hormones, the estrogen hormone, the progesterone and the testosterone hormone. Some even thinks that the cycle of these hormones are easy to predict just like a woman’s mood […]

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Female Sex Drive Menstruation

Psychological capabilities have big role in prompting female sex drive this is because the hypothalamus initiate signal to react in certain instances whether seen or felt. However, sexual desire is not purely a mind activity, social and biological areas are also considered as vital elements to cause different level of sexual urges. For instance, the […]

Female Libido Products

Considerations When Choosing the Best Female Libido Products

The number women who are expressing a decline in their sex drive are continuously increasing. This can be attributed to the fact that there are more females who are stressed out and overworked. As it is, these are just two of the factors and there are others that which affect a woman’s libido. However, that […]


Female Sex Drive Drugs

The world of male and female enhancements is currently soaring high due to the fact that more and more men and women are experiencing low appetite for sex. According to some surveys, 43% of women in the United States are now suffering from Female Arousal Sexual Disorder or FSAD which in a way affect a […]

Female Sex Drive

Female Sex Drive and Hormones

Female sex drive and hormones are factors that every woman needs to have an in-depth understanding. You may wonder why these 2 factors are important; the reason behind it is the fact that hormones determine the intensity of a woman’s sex drive. Women as we all know undergo a lot of hormonal changes. During the […]


Female High Testosterone Symptoms

Too much or too little of everything really does have a negative effect on one’s health. Homeostasis or otherwise known as the balance equilibrium of humans may it be psychological, spiritual, physical and health aspects is very important. With this in mind, a person must be in control of everything in his or her surrounding […]


Female Excess Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone hormone is greatly associated in men; it is called as the male sex hormone. Unknown to some, testosterone hormone is also produced by women only in small amounts. It is true that with the help of testosterone hormone, the masculine characters of men are enhanced and fully developed. In women, testosterone hormone has different […]